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What should you do with an old laptop that you no longer use? Most consumers decide to sell when they need extra cash, and many buy-back re-commerce businesses can support a cash sale. But before you can give your laptop to a new owner or recycle it, you must first prepare it regardless of the platform you select. You may learn how to achieve that and more by following the instructions for selling a used laptop for sale in this article. 

How to Arrange a Used Laptop for Sale

Before you do anything, let’s examine the basics first, including the make and model of your laptop. You’ll also need the serial number because you want to save it for your records. The brand logo is on the top of the laptop or back cover housing. No matter the brand, you may find the model and serial numbers on the bottom. Your laptop’s brand, model, aesthetic and functional state affect its resale value.

Consider that you have determined it and know the amount or the asking price. The next step is to delete any stored data from the computer you plan to sell. Data backup should be your first step. Using cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud is the simplest way to make a backup. They are free and practically accessible from any location with an internet connection. However, an external drive also works. After a backup, erase your files and reset the system to its default settings. Don’t forget to wipe surfaces to remove any leftover dirt or fingerprints. You must clean it to sell your used laptop for the most money.

Examining your used laptop’s condition

You will be questioned about the laptop’s structural and aesthetic condition, whether you sell it locally or trade it in on a buy-back website. Check your computer carefully for signs of aesthetic damage or wear. Make sure to mention any known operational concerns. Make an effort to identify the issue before describing the solution. You won’t have to deal with any hassles or unpleasant shocks later.
What to consider while evaluating a used laptop:

  • Does the laptop start up and turn on?
  • Are there any parts missing or broken on it?
  • Examine the exterior for dents, chips, fractures, scratches, or other visual flaws.
  • What about the display? Are there any blemishes, poor pixels, lines, or flaws?
  • Have you got the charger?
  • Is the battery still functional?

How Can You Sell a Used laptop?

So, where can one sell their used laptop to make money? It is simpler than you may imagine, and you can list it locally depending on your availability and prowess of sale.  But before you do, ensure you are informed of all the risks of selling.

Selling your used laptop online via buy-back re-commerce companies is another excellent, dependable solution. Even though you might not get as much money back, it is quick, safe, and practical.

How the Process of Online Sales Works

  • If you want to find a used laptop for sale first go to the home page, enter the brand and model of your laptop in the search field, and press Enter (or tap the search icon if using a smartphone). Choose your laptop’s configuration from the potential matches, then carry out the estimation.
  • The first section of the questionnaire focuses on the device’s general cosmetic condition, while the second asks about any known hardware faults or missing pieces. Hit the Calculate button when you finish with the assessment. Propose immediately away. You can finish the checkout procedure and get your pre-paid shipping label if it is deemed fair.
  •  Put the laptop in a solid box, deliver it to the carrier, and then watch for payment after we receive it.

Bottom Line

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