Performance Brake Pads

Drive Safely With The Best Performance Brake Pads

There is no place for compromise for brakes and friction products. Brake dimensions are shrinking, requirements are growing, and consistent performance is crucial. Choosing the suitable materials for brake pads, brake linings, and clutches has never been more vital. With Shanghai Aoyang International, we assist manufacturers of best performance brake pads, setting new standards for performance, competence, and sustainability for themselves and their consumers.

Shanghai Aoyang is one of China’s leading OEM brake pad and brake lining companies and a supplier of automotive replacement parts. Our company is approved and certified to TS 16949/ ISO 9001 and Emark ECE 90R. We can offer you all types of brake pads and brake linings, such as truck and trailer brake pads, as a reputable Chinese OEM brake pad and lining supplier.

Moreover, our brake pads and brake linings manufacturing line covers many vehicles, such as trailers, trucks, buses, industrial machines, passenger vehicles, dump trucks, construction machines, loaders, etc.

Best Performance Brake Pads with Zero compromises

As a leading supplier, we distinguished from other friction product constituents by their unique physical qualities. Also, we provide a high-quality additive with outstanding strength and durability that significantly reduces brake pads and brake linings’ noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

Further, it helps to improve driver comfort and safety and longer product lifespans. It also has a stable matrix that blends well with other materials and does not interfere with the production process.

Are our performance brake pads worth it?

Our company offers you fantastic best performance brake pads at reasonable costs to meet your requirements. Wholesale brake pads come in various styles, including low-noise ceramic, low-wear and tear organic, and high-performance metallic products.

Furthermore, good wholesale brake pads are required for effective braking force, lowering the risk of accidents caused by brake failure. Our Semi-metallic brake pads are heat-resistant and gentler on rotors.

Also, low-metallic NAO and non-asbestos organic brake pads have been developed in recent years and are all available in Shanghai. Consumer health and safety have been prioritized in developing these wholesale brake pads.


So, encourage safety on the road while safeguarding good maintenance of your car’s braking system and its overall functionality. Some of the core benefits of our brake pads are:

  • Stable matrix for optimum manufacturing
  • Minimized NVH, enhanced driver comfort
  • Upgraded strength and durability
  • Extended product lifetime

Visit Shanghai Aoyang International to get the wholesale brake pads that are right for your car. We provide wholesale brake pads best for little automobiles, whereas low metallic NAO brake pads are best for medium-sized vehicles.

So, get high-performance wholesale brake pads or semi-metallic brake pads best for sports automobiles.